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Due to popular demand, we decided to re-release our first album Sophistication. The album was released several weeks ago on cdbaby, and is now available on larger outlets like Amazon.

As for now there is only a digital (downloadable) version of the album, no physical version. As you know, Sophistication was recorded about 20 years ago, during an era in which digital recording was still very expensive for an indie band like ours. Hence all tracks were recorded on cassette tape. On one hand, this gives the songs a very warm touch, but on the other hand, high-quality wav versions won't improve the actual quality of the recordings (not to mention the few drop-outs that you can hear here and there).

There is little other news from Galbatron at the moment, but that doesn't mean we're not doing anything. Eppo is working on something that will take us back even further than Bach and Widor, and Loek is frantically pushing buttons of arpeggiators to organize another space trip. Stay tuned!

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