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After 7 years of total silence, Galbatron is back with more music. Our first project is something we've always been dreaming of during our 7-year break from the music industry... a synthesizer remix of a track that until now had been code-named Rebellion.

“Rebellion is English for the Hebrew word Nimrod, the 9th variation in the Enigma Variations by Edward Elgar. We bumped into this track right after we called Galbatron quits, and we always wondered why no one had came up with an electronic remix of it yet. We guessed that if the mountain didn't come to us, we had to go to the mountain ourselves. Our comeback seemed to be the perfect timing for this”, says Loek.

“The basic idea was good, but we had to add quite some bells and whistles to give it that good old-fashioned Galbatron feeling. We still work in separate studios, and as it took us some time to agree about the right sounds, the mix had to go to and fro several times. Lots of technological advances have been made the past 7 years, and generally we found that it has become a lot easier to reproduce exactly the same sound in different studio environments. We use Reason these days, which is basically one kit that does it all, so there’s no need to manually reproduce exactly the same settings on the multiple gadgets we used to work with 7 years ago. Can you imagine we sometimes forwarded those settings button by button on the phone?”, Eppo adds.

“I remember that 7 years ago, we could only use effects on few channels at most, because our computation power was limited. Now, we tried everything to get our i7 processor’s load above 10% with Reason, but no matter how many channels we added, the processor just wouldn’t budge. This should surely speed up our production time in the future”, Loek concludes.

As soon as the first (very rough) mix was ready, a sample was sent to Aaron Bieber to provide him with inspiration for the single’s cover. Amongst other things, it features a portrait of Edward Elgar, the original composer of the Enigma Variations. When asked whether the great-looking portrait was copyrighted, Aaron replied: "Unfortunately it is."

Just when Galbatron was about to ask Aaron to replace the image, he grinningly added: “I drew it completely by hand, so the copyrights are all mine.”

Nimrod should be available in 1-3 days on CD Baby (LINK); the track should be on iTunes 2-3 after that. Amazon, Spotify and other sites will follow suit several days-weeks later.

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01-12-2010, 01:43 CET GalbL (Galbatron) (61 responses)
Thank you, Benjammin! I'm glad you're enjoying the track

Make sure you play the music as loudly as possible. You may be able to turn your co-workers into much-needed new fans!

01-12-2010, 02:07 CET Jake Razzaza (Groupee) (2 responses)
i want it iwant it iwantit now
07-03-2011, 17:52 CET Liz K (Groupee) (2 responses)
We are playing Enigma Variations in our high school's band, and it is so beautiful...but I never expected to hear such a euphonious electronic remix featuring Nimrod! I absolutely love it, I cant' wait to show my friends how amazing this sounds!
07-03-2011, 19:15 CET GalbL (Galbatron) (61 responses)
Liz K wrote: We are playing Enigma Variations in our high school's band, and it is so beautiful...

Thank you for the kind words! You don't happen to have any videos of that, have you?

07-03-2011, 20:34 CET Liz K (Groupee) (2 responses)
not yet, but we are performing it for Illinois Superstate Contest, so after May 7 I will :P
08-04-2011, 22:12 CET Mark Ridlen (Groupee) (7 responses)
Hey, just found out that you guys are back at it! I used to post on the old message boards as Introspective Journeys. Your music has really inspired me.

I downloaded the song from Amazon, and it's just amazing as some of the old classics.

I just ordered a CD copy of Robotica, since I missed out when it was available before.

09-04-2011, 01:28 CET GalbL (Galbatron) (61 responses)
Oh yes, we're back Mark! We're currently waiting for Aaron to finish his new album cover, so that we can release our next track, which is almost done (more than 5 minutes already).

Thank you so much for your support and kind words!

04-05-2016, 23:35 CET Povl Kvols (Groupee) (1 response)
Any plans to release/lease it to Google play Music? I'd love to sponsor you, but I actually don't have a CD player anymore, and only play music online...
05-05-2016, 00:28 CET GalbL (Galbatron) (61 responses)
Hi Povl,

We've basically instructed our distributor CD Baby to distribute our music through any venue that pays acceptable royalties... We raised that bar after hundreds of plays on Spotify generated like 1 dollar cent.

You can find our music on venues like iTunes and Amazon. And I believe some of it is even left on Spotify!

05-05-2016, 00:38 CET GalbL (Galbatron) (61 responses)
I see that Baroque made it on Google Play. I noticed not all music gets features on all venues. This may be either CD Baby's decision or a decision by the venue in question, for whatever reason


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